Studying Social Media without… doing it?

I know, I know, all you keep hearing is ‘Seth Godin this, Seth Godin that…’
I will try something new next time, I promise! 🙂
But for the moment…

Seth. He’s done it again.
In his traditional ‘short but sweet’ style, he has written a blog that has got my brain ticking in a hectic manner, not unlike what I imagine one experiences with the heart during a full blown heart attack.

The blog –> Studying entrepreneurship without doing it

In creating this blog – a climbing of Mt Everest comparable task in itself! – I have acquired knowledge about many things, SO MANY THINGS!
Without even noticing it at the time, simply by using different forms of social media I am beginning to build a stronger understanding of  Social Media and all that it encompasses.


I am going to leave it at that for now, but watch this space! An exciting installment of information is on it’s way!
My brain is a tropical storm of ideas & things, and I need to find a nice quiet corner to sit in & brainstorm all of the things until I can find a way to present it that makes sense to the general public.
Until next time…


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