The Aftermath

Another installment of haphazard musings.

While I still stand by the theory presented in my previous post: Tropical Strom: Edit One, I have some new ideas, &/or ramblings of the mind that I would like to share…

We all assume/believe that there is infact an exact definition, or description of all the different words, and ‘terms’ or ‘phrases’ that exist.
Is this really the case?

It is widely accepted that certain words or phrases mean different things to different people.
We all have different experiences, we have different educations, different childhoods, different lifestyles, I could go on, but my point is this – no two people are the same, of this I am sure you will agree, so why then should any two (or more) given people have the same understanding and the same associated definition of a word, or phrase?

Yes, it is essential in alot of situations for there to be a specified definition of a certain word or phrase, one that must be taught in order for people to advance their education, but there is nothing stopping us from slowly adapting that definition in our own minds as we continue to learn.
I don’t know about everybody else, but I know this is something I do all the time, without even realising I am doing it.

So, why do we feel this need to create a specific definition to the term Social Media?
The world around us is changing, the way we do things, the way we live… maybe accepting that there is no exact definition, and that there can never be one, is what needs to be done.
Maybe we should stop this relentless research into defining Social Media.
But for now atleast, I will continue, because that is what I have decided.



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